Home Building Program

Touchstone Energy Home Program

Cooperatives like Johnson County REMC have long placed a priority on energy efficiency. Surveys have confirmed that customers are overwhelmingly in support of the benefits of a well-insulated, electrically heated home that is: more energy efficient, less expensive to operate, cleaner and safer, more comfortable.

That’s why we have available the Touchstone Energy® Home Program. It’s simple, really. Over time, building codes and common practices among builders and contractors made yesterday’s “energy-efficient” home today’s standard model. We want to reward our customers for exceeding the ordinary and, at the same time, link the concept of an energy-efficient home nationwide.

The concept of the Touchstone Energy® Home is simple: Homeowners, builders and the electric cooperative work together to ensure that a new home is energy efficient, well-insulated and equipped with state-of-the-art electric heating, cooling and water heating equipment.

The customer gets a home that exceeds the ordinary and is more comfortable, cleaner and safer, with lower energy costs. And builders have a tool that offers them a way to stand out in the competitive new home construction business.

Check out the Touchstone Energy Home website, and contact REMC to find out how you can get started.