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New solar farm north of Trafalgar now operational

OCTOBER 29-30, 2016
A new solar farm north of Trafalgar on State Road 135 is now up and running.

A dedication ceremony was conducted Wednesday for the 10-acre solar farm which will provide enough energy to power 150 homes each year, a news release said.

About 84,000-square-feet of solar panels will turn sunlight into one megawatt of electricity. The $2.5 million solar farm is a joint project between Johnson County REMC and Hoosier Energy.

“Thanks to this project, Johnson County REMC is in a better position to learn how to best tap into the power of the sun and bring renewable energy to our community,” Johnson
County Commissioner Kevin Walls said in a news release.

Being an energy cooperative, the focus of projects is always local, Johnson County REMC CEO Chet Aubin said in the release.


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