Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar panels make use of renewable energy from the sun. They usually are made of silicon which causes tiny particles in the silicon to conduct through wire as electricity when sunlight is exposed. Solar energy does not produce air pollutants or carbon-dioxide so they have a small impact on the environment, but sunlight varies and large areas are needed to gather energy. In addition, solar panels are expensive.

Our solar panel program is derived from Hoosier Energy’s Renewable Energy Pilot Program to educate the public on renewable energy in association with real world costs and data.

Learn more about the equipment used at this site by viewing the Adobe Acrobat PDF files below.

Solar Panel Installation

16 panels 18,800.00
Pole mounts 3,500.00
Bolts/rebar 625.00
3kW inverter 3,500.00
Conduit/wire 475.00
Total Material 26,900.00
Labor $9,820.00
Grand Total $36,720.00