Residential Electrical Generation

Johnson County REMC members may connect generation equipment Рsuch as solar panels or wind turbines Рto the electric grid. In such instances where excess generation is produced the member will receive a credit back to their account.

Johnson County REMC wants to ensure that member-owned electrical generating equipment is interconnected in a safe and reliable manner. Therefore, installing such equipment requires an interconnection agreement. As a part of this agreement, the member will be billed under the Net Metering Service (NMS) schedule.

The application is available here, as well as a link to the NMS rate schedule.


Application for Interconnection

NMS Rate Schedule


Completed application should be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to:

Johnson County REMC
Attn: Interconnection
P.O. Box 309
Franklin, IN 46131

E-mail:, Attn: Interconnection
Fax: 317-736-9808