The following is a list of requirements for Johnson County REMC Board Directors


  • Directors are expected to attend all regularly scheduled monthly and special board meetings.
  • Directors are expected to attend committee meetings and the Johnson County REMC Annual Meeting of the Membership.
  • Directors serve a three-year term and are encouraged to obtain the NRECA Credentialed Director’s Certificate within two terms.
  • Directors receive a per diem and mileage reimbursement for attending Cooperative meetings. They also receive transportation, lodging and meal expenses when traveling for Cooperative business.
  • Directors spend an average of 15-25 hours each month attending meetings or conferences, reviewing cooperative materials, preparing for board meetings, etc.
  • Directors are expected to read and be familiar with Johnson County REMC information and financial reports. Directors should also be familiar with other state and national cooperative associations.
  • Directors are elected to represent a specific district and are responsible for decisions affecting the entire Johnson County REMC membership.
  • Directors must possess the self-confidence and communication skills to work closely with other Board Directors.

Directors are cooperative members. They pay monthly electricity bills like all Johnson County REMC members. They do not receive discounted electricity and their bills are not subsidized. As members, Directors are interested in the most economical operation of Johnson County REMC.

Director elections are open to all eligible Johnson County REMC members. Elections are held during the Annual Meeting of the Membership. Further information is in the Johnson County REMC bylaws.