Key Personnel

Chief Executive Officer


John W. Sturm

John W. Sturm is CEO of Johnson County REMC, which provides electric retail service to over 23,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers in Johnson County REMC’s service territory.¬† Mr. Sturm and the employees of Johnson County REMC are committed to the company’s mission statement which is to provide reliable, competitively priced utility services to its customers and the community.


Key Personnel



Meggan Purdy Administrative Assistant/HR
Tim Hogue Director of Operations
John Gates Director of Member Services
Andrew Yordy Director of Customer Service
Kevin Shelley Director of Engineering
Shawn Frye Director of Technology
Terry Miller Director of Finance & Accounting
Chuck Bailey Special Projects Engineer


Troy Adams
Kevin Bay
Sarah Blackard
Cindy Boyd
Anita Carmack
Phil Carpenter
Jason Connell
Daniel Corthell
John Cramer
Brian Darby
Ryan Devenport
Kenny Dickey
Caleb Drake
Elizabeth Duran
Eric Eads
Meagan Ellis
Kimberly Engelau
Tim Foster
Cynthia Frainee
Gabe Gaynor
Christie Groves
Ted Harpe
John Hendricks
Rick Henson
Mike Hussung
Scott Jean
Dillon Johnson
Amy Key
Makenzie Marker
William Mathena
Scott Mitchell
Susanna Neff
Shane Neher
Tim Padgett
Skylar Smith
Doug Stahl
Nick Stainbrook
Dustin Stout
Chris Thompson
Carey Wade
Judy Warner
Zach Webb
Jeff Wilham
Kyle Williams
Tony Wise
Dustin Wisehart
Amy Woehlecke
Dan Wood