About Us

Johnson County REMC

Located in Franklin, Indiana. Johnson County REMC is a cooperative electric utility that supplies electric service to more than 26,000 meters in Johnson County and portions of Morgan, Shelby, and Brown counties.

As a cooperative enterprise, we are a unique organization. The people who receive their electricity from us are more than just customers, they are members.

As owners of the cooperative, members are entitled to the benefits that cooperatives offer, such as our not-for-profit business structure, local control and decision-making, strength in numbers, and a democratically elected board of directors who are themselves members.

The founding fathers of the electric cooperative movement had strong ties to Indiana. One of the first electric cooperative to serve a rural area in America is located right here in our state. In the 1930’s, investor-owned utilities were not interested in serving rural areas feeling it would not be profitable. But the leaders of the agricultural communities of rural America knew that electricity was vital to the progress of our country, and with federal funding available through the newly created Rural Electrification Administration (REA), cooperatives began springing up across America.

Founded in 1935, Johnson County REMC began operations with 1,129 members. Today we serve over 21,000 members with over 1,650 miles of distribution line.

From our founding in 1935 until today, our mission has remained the same. In all areas of our operations, Johnson County REMC is committed to providing reliable and affordable electric service now and in the future.