Operation Round-Up

Operation Round-Up®

JCREMC has expanded our commitment to improving the lives of people in our community with Operation Round-Up®, which allows our consumers to contribute to local charitable and non-profit causes. As a member of JCREMC, you have this unique opportunity to make a difference in your community.

Here’s how it works: When monthly JCREMC consumer billing statements are prepared, each bill is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. For example, a bill of $81.75 would be rounded up to $82. The extra 25 cents is placed in the JCREMC Community Fund to provide financial support for charitable causes and non-profit organizations within the communities served by JCREMC. Recipients of these funds are chosen by an independent advisory board operating on behalf of the JCREMC Community Fund.

The average amount a participating consumer contributes in a year is about $6. A few cents from each member adds up to a significant amount of financial assistance for causes in our community. A little change really does go a long way.







Operation Round-Up® kicks off with the May 2019 billing cycle. Grant applications also will be available starting in May.

The JCREMC Board of Directors will appoint the advisory board members for the JCREMC Community Fund. Express interest in serving at roundup@jcremc.com or 317-736-6174.

While all JCREMC members are automatically enrolled in Operation Round-Up®, participation is voluntary. You can opt out by filling out the online opt-out form, or by contacting the JCREMC office at custservice@jcremc.com or 317-736-6174.

For information on the Bylaws of Operation Round-Up®, Click Here.

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