New Service

Commercial & Industrial

A meeting with an REMC engineer is always required. Call the REMC Engineering department before you begin construction. Factors necessary for installation of electric service may affect other parts of the construction process. Engineers are available throughout the construction process to address any questions you have regarding installation of new electric service.

The basic process for installation of electric service is as follows.

  • You must meet a Johnson County REMC engineer on site. For this appointment you will need:
    1. A plot plan of all structures to be constructed on the property.
    2. Survey markers or other means of determining property lines.
    3. Stakes on the site showing the general outline of the building.
    4. Capacity of service needed.
    5. A decision as to where the meter base will be located on the structure or structures.
    6. Total square footage of dwelling.
    7. Energy source for heating and water heating.
    8. Information regarding existing easements on the property.
    9. Summary of equipment/sizes motors to be used at completed facility.
  • Engineer will provide and discuss required documentation regarding Commercial Membership Application (pdf), terms of service agreement, meter installation specifications and manual, and other pertinent information.
  • Engineer will estimate cost and present service installation options to property owner.
  • After a decision is made and construction is at a point where temporary service is required, installation of electric service will proceed.

Existing Property

When moving to an existing residence or structure located within the service jurisdiction of Johnson County REMC, you will need to contact our office to schedule a day to have the electric service transferred into your name. At that time we will need the following from you.

By law we have three working days to complete a request for new service, but typically service can be connected the next business day. Emergency service restoration due to storms or natural disasters takes priority over new service connections.

Remember to call 811 or 1-800-382-5544 to have utility locations marked before you dig. For more information about this FREE service go to